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Gastronomic Tourism

Discover the culinary specialities of the Loire Valley

If visiting the chateau’s and vineyards of the Loire Valley just isn’t enough for you, extend your discovery of the Anjou region all the way to your plate !

Whether you want to understand the mysteries of traditional French Cuisine, enjoy a gourmet pause to recharge your batteries, or spend your time perfectly pairing french wine with your meal, let us take care of your every gastronomical desire !

If you crave even more, we are happy to customize your experience by offering presentations from our most reputable local producers and artisans, and unique tours throughout our diverse territory.

Contact L’Atelier Gourmand to make your dream Loire Valley experience a reality !

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Anjou : The Land of Flavours

Loire Valley Fish, with traditional ‘beurre blanc’ sauce, Cointreau soufflé, Mushroom Somersaults, Layon Foie Gras, Quinoa risotto with l’Anjou Rouge, Poached Pear à l’Abuance, Crémet d’Anjou... In a welcoming atmosphere, you will master these impressive recipes!


Chocolat : Les caramandes de la Maison Benoît , Les quernons d'ardoise de la Petite Marquise

Loire Wine : Savennières, Quart de Chaume, Bonnezeaux, Anjou Village...